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Dental Exams and X-rays

Do you want to maintain the best oral health possible? If so, it is imperative that you schedule regular dental exams and X-rays in order to remain up to date on the health of your mouth. It is recommended by the American Dental Association that you visit your local dentist no less than twice a year. We strongly advise you to take the best possible care of your smile by scheduling your routine checkups with our family dental office. At Rieser Family Dental, we put patient comfort first. Our experienced and skilled dentists will perform a visual examination on your mouth to discover if you have tooth decay, cracks or other damages, worn restorations, or mouth sores.

After we have performed a thorough examination, we will review and discuss your medical history in order to establish whether you have any problems that could possibly affect your dental health. A periodontal evaluation and oral cancer screening will also be performed. Each step of our dental exams are designed to work together to ensure every aspect of your mouth functions properly and healthily. Additionally, our hygienist may perform a dental cleaning along with your exam in order to remove tartar buildup and polish the plaque from your teeth. This cleaning will leave your teeth shinier and healthier than before.

How does the process work?

Diagnostic X-rays can help our experts identify hidden problems, particularly beneath the gums. Annual bitewing X-rays are generally recommended as well as panoramic X-rays. Other imaging tests may also be prescribed in some cases. We will make any necessary treatment recommendations that will help you improve your dental health. For example, if we discover areas of decay, our dental professionals will advise you to schedule a dental filling. If we find signs of gum disease, we will discuss periodontal treatments or cosmetic procedures that may help to enhance the appearance of your smile.

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Schedule your dental appointment as soon as possible. Early conservative treatments can help reduce the risk of future dental health problems. Our family dental office will put your needs and comfort first. We are committed to passionate and caring services and enjoy building a friendly environment for all of our patients.

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    Michael R.

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    Jason D.

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    Lance R.

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    Amy W.

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    Don D.


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    St. Louis Dental Society

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    Missouri Dental Association

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    American Dental Association

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